“Hauntingly beautiful and challengingly imaginative work. 

A subtle master.”

- Robert Winson

Andrew Franck (born Andreas Franck in the United States) is a philosopher, author and visual, sound and performance artist. Franck began his performance career in New York City and Stuttgart, Germany. 

As a visual artist, Franck works in mixed media, oil, latex and carbon on paper and encaustics. His catalog contains over two hundred works focusing on metamorphosis in plant life, alchemy and the rhythmical aspects of negative space. His series of action art, collage, word art and assemblages entitled Budh &Ray: Two In One Eye and An Archetextural Digest examines  negative space, language and the decay of the art object. Franck’s larger works have been exhibited at Centerpoint Gallery and Paralux in New York City, Basilica Industria and Albert Shahinian Fine Art in Hudson N.Y. and Jio in Montreal. His newest collection, Reassembling, includes sixty-four blackboard diagrams illustrating the holistic imagination of Goethean science.

His writings include The Transparent Bride, The Art of Porosity, Mantras and Musical Solutions, The Holy Bodies Circuit, Musica Mercurialis Viva, Drawing In The Luminous Frontier, A Book of Dances, The Painted Trout, In Some Intrinsic Way Everything Bends Toward Infinity, As Above Inside Out Below, Stillness in Motion, Fishing Mind, Fishing Body and Lungs Give the Wind Direction.

As a sound designer, Franck has written numerous works for chamber ensembles and electronics.  His recordings include One Breath Bardo, Dances and Emanations, Music from Our Lady of Perpetual Motion, Maps for Dreaming, Surfacing, By Chance And Appointment, A Body of Drops and Winds and In This Bath We Don’t Get Wet.  His soundtracks are featured in works for dance, film, performance art and ambient environments. His Variations On A Theme By Conlon Nancarrow was featured in Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo’s production of Cross Currents.  His current multimedia performances in China and Europe employ video projections with  recorded voices, live music and narration.

Philosophy studies with Reiner Schurmann, Veronique Foti, Quentin Lauer, Ronald Brady and Manfred Riedel.  Music studies with Gates Wray, Elias Tanenbaum, La Monte Young and Philip Corner. Collaborations with Elaine Summers, Merce Cunningham, Phoebe Neville, Carolyn Bilderback,  Alison Knowles, Charlotte Moorman, Otto Wulff, Klaus Wilde, Alfred Tomatis, Ted Orr, Lucky Mission, Elastik and the Hudson Valley Butoh.